Optimize Your Heat Drying Process

Parker Engineering America can provide a full range or curing and baking ovens.  This flexibility enables us to offer an optimized system according to your budget, environmental regulations, restrictions of the building, and other considerations.

Elevated / Straight-Through

We Will Recommend the Best Drying System to Meet Your Building Restrictions and Plant Layout

Elevated Ovens 

Longer oven length, but offers:  

  • Less Heat Loss from the Entrance
  • No Power Necessary for an Air Seal Fan

Straight-Through Ovens

Shorter oven length and lower oven height than Elevated ovens, our Straight-Through ovens air seals suppress hot air leakage from the entrance. 


Flexible and Effective

We offer a variety of systems to meet your plant size needs.

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Direct Combustion Incinerators

  • Simple and High Reliability
  • Low Investment
  • Operate with One Burner by Controlling Heat Exchange Air Volume
  • Achieve Low Running Cost, by Combining Heat Recovery
Ovens - Parker Engineering America - incinerator--direct-combustion

Tower Type RTO Incinerators

  • High Heat Recovery Rate: More than 95 (*depends on the volume of thermal storage medium)
  • High Purification Rate: More than 99 (*depends on tower type)
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