Paint Application and Robots

Our Paint Applicators and Robots Ensure a Quality Finish Every Time

Paint Application and Robots - Parker Engineering America - paint-application-and-robotsPaint applicators are one of the most important devices, directly affecting the film qualities and paint consumption.

We Offer Proposals for a Wide Range of Devices, based on:

  • Type of Paint (waterborne vs solvent borne)
  • Type of Atomizer (high speed rotating bell vs air spray gun)
  • Type of Process (electrostatic vs non-electrostatic)

By recommending the most suitable devices, our customers experience the benefits of superior product appearance, improved first run ratio, reduced paint consumption (via better transfer efficiency) and so on.

Optional Add-Ons Include:

  • Painting Robots for Labor Savings (*according to the size of work and production cycle time)
  • Optimized Proposals Utilizing the Latest Air Flow Simulation Technologies (in conjunction with the spray booth

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