Paint Booth and Air Supply Units

Paint Booths That Improve Your Entire Finishing Process

In the paint shop, a high-performance paint booth is essential to producing top-quality finishes. However, the paint booth and the air supply unit consume approximately 60% of the energy in the entire paint shop. As a result, the performance of the paint booth equipment dramatically effects quality and energy performance of the paint shop as a whole. That’s why you need Parker Engineering America paint booths that include our EcoDryScrubber.

Equipment that Saves Energy and Protects the Environment

Parker Engineering America equipment provides drastic energy savings with advanced equipment and processes, such as the latest waterborne 3C2B process and a recirculated air system with EcoDryScrubber, a technology for the dry separation of paint overspray. 

Heat Pump
Paint Booth and Air Supply Units - Parker Engineering America - heat-pumpdiagram
Paint Booth and Air Supply Units - Parker Engineering America - heat-pump-system-line-chart

Energy Savings and Reduced CO2 Emission With the Heat Pump

In recent years, the automotive industry has been updating its finishing process to water-borne paint. This 2-part process includes the application of water-borne paint, followed by the flash-off process.

Our direct expansion type heat pump system offers significant energy savings and a reduced CO2 emission because the cooling media is directly transferred to the heat exchanger*. (*Patent Pending)

Automatic Retractable GratingPaint Booth and Air Supply Units - Parker Engineering America - automatic-retractable-grating

This equipment is mainly used for the robot zone of the paint booth. When the production is ongoing, gratings are stored at the edge of the spray room to prevent the overspray from adhering to the gratings. When the production is stopped (as in the case of maintenance) the gratings are extended towards the center for the convenience of the maintenance.

Paint Sludge Recovery System

Paint Booth and Air Supply Units - Parker Engineering America - paint-sludge-recovery-system-insideWhether Your Paint System is Water Borne or Solvent Borne, Parker Engineering America has Recovery Systems for Floating / Spreading Paint Sludge

To extend the lifespan of the circulation water in the water scrubber booth, we recommend a paint sludge recovery system with chemicals. We will design your booth according to the custom-made chemical, and can suggest the optimized equipment for your production line. 

Parker Corporation, a Parker Group company, has developed a CF agent (Crazy Flock). This chemical gives you the advantage of high speed condensation, high speed floating separation and high speed dehydration. Trials using your paint is possible at the Matsubuse Plant of Parker Corporation.

Paint Booth and Air Supply Units - Parker Engineering America - paint-sludge-recovery-system-diagramPaint Booth and Air Supply Units - Parker Engineering America - paint-sludge-recovery-system-tank


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