Pre-Treatment Equipment

The Next Generation of Pre-Treatment Equipment

Especially for the automotive industry, where paint finish is everything and exposure to the elements is a constant threat, choosing the best equipment and chemicals are a vital consideration for your plant. Not only does your pre-treatment process determine the paint adhesion and durability, it is critical for effective rust prevention.

Parker Engineering America, in cooperation with Nihon Parkerizing (the global leader in rust preventative technologies), can provide your production plant with the next-generation of revolutionary pre-treatment equipment. Our engineers will design an optimized process for painting, degreasing and phosphate coating of your metal surfaces that feature environmental equipment for reducing emissions.

Conversion Coating

Pre-Treatment Equipment - Parker Engineering America - conversion-coating--reduced-processOur pre-treatment equipment for new conversion coating features Nihon Parkerizing chemicals and equipment.

Next-Generation Coating Chemical

Nihon Parkerizing offers “PALLUMINA” for automotive bodies and “PALLUCID” for other products.

This new environmentally friendly pre-treatment chemical does not contain phosphorus, nickel or manganese, and reduces the use of heavy metals when compared to the traditional phosphating process. 

Additionally, the sludge generation is drastically reduced to lower than 1/10 compared to the conventional phosphating process. This means reduced choking for nozzles and piping, lower operational costs, and reduced environmental burden. 

Pre-Treatment Equipment - Parker Engineering America - conversion-coating--comparison

Iron Particle Removal

Our equipment eliminates the contamination of foreign particles, like welding spatters for example, thereby improving the finish quality of your products.

Pre-Treatment Equipment - Parker Engineering America - iron-particle--flood-sprayFlood spray

Removing foreign particles from the bodies with flood water at the start of the process is more effective than relying on the purifying process water.


Our cyclone recovers ferrous particles through highly efficient centrifugal elimination and sedimentation. Production lines using this system experience up to a 92% elimination rate. The cyclone includes an automatic periodical damping system that uses no consumable items and is maintenance free.

Magnetic Elimination Systems for Ferrous Particles

Pre-Treatment Equipment - Parker Engineering America - iron-particle--magnet-side-by-sidePre-Treatment Equipment - Parker Engineering America - iron-particle--magnet-roller

We offer ferrous particle recovery systems using magnetic force. Including these systems in your production process yields significant energy savings and lower operation costs.

Sludge Removal

Pre-Treatment Equipment - Parker Engineering America - sludge-removal--systrem

With our sludge removal systems, even the unsinkable sludge will be removed, maintaining a low sludge concentration in the phosphate tank.

Pre-Treatment Equipment - Parker Engineering America - sludge-removal--ps-filterPS Filter (Phosphate Sludge Removal System)

Adopting the whole bath filtration system, we have developed a process that reduces the concentration of floating particles and can remove both sinking and floating sludge. The filter cloth can quickly be backwashed with compressed air, and periodic cleaning with Nitric acid increases its lifespan.

Full Automatic Paper Filter

This filtrating machine automatically performs pressurized filtration, pneumatic dehydration, opening of the chamber, and discharging of cake.

The standard machine can work as a dehydrator for purification and cake recovery, or you can upgrade to the new model capable of the next generation conversion coating.

Pre-Treatment Equipment - Parker Engineering America - sludge-removal--paper-filter


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