Wastewater Treatment

Meet Your Environmental Requirement with Our Wastewater Treatment Equipment

As today's demands on industry to reduce environmental burden increase, there is a significant need for efficient and effective wastewater treatment. Parker Engineering America (in cooperation with Nihon Parkerizing, our chemical supplier) can propose the optimized wastewater treatment system best suited to your production needs. 

Two Ways Our Optimized Equipment Suppresses the Environmental Burden

1. Our Condensation / Sedimentation Process


Wastewater Treatment - Parker Engineering America - waste-water-treatment--condensationThis is the most common wastewater treatment method. We make equipment recommendations based on the content of your wastewater. This allows us to recommend a treatment that simultaneously reduces the environmental burden due to the effluent water while reducing the overall operating costs for that treatment.

2. Our Wastewater Treatment Handles PALLUCID

Wastewater Treatment - Parker Engineering America - waste-water-treatment--pallucid-diagram


We can supply a wastewater treatment for the conversion coating chemical ‘PALLUCID’. The system configuration includes a fluorine absorbing process utilizing a ‘Toreruzo’ (a Parker Engineering original product) that minimizes the active sludge contained in the effluent water.

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