Paint Booths / Paint Applications / Ovens

Optimized Painting Systems for Industry

Parker Engineering America provides optimized painting systems that include paint booths, paint applications, ovens, and small paint booths. These systems are designed to give you the ultimate finish quality with energy savings and reduced environmental burden.

For larger applications, we offer a large booth that combines the function of paint application and drying with exceptional energy efficiency.

Powder Coating

Paint Booths, Applications, and Ovens - Parker Engineering America - parker-ionics-powder-logoPowder applicators are one of the most important devices that directly affect the film qualities and Powder consumption.

We offer a wide range of finishing equipment to support various coating conditions. And when it comes to  powder coating, we offer our customers the latest powder coating equipment developed and supplied by our own division, Parker Ionics. Parker Ionics is a leader in the powder coating industry, backed by wide range of experience.

Integrated Spray & Drying Booth for Large Work

When a large installation area is required for painting and drying, you’ll need an integrated spray & drying booth. We can supply energy efficient equipment for these large installations as well as super-size installations (as needed for special vehicles and airplanes.)

Paint Booths, Applications, and Ovens - Parker Engineering America - integrated-spray-booth
Energy Saving System (ESS) Paint Booth

The ESS Paint Booth uses a recirculated air supply to save approximately 25% in power consumption.

Paint Booths, Applications, and Ovens - Parker Engineering America - energy-savings-diagram
PBT System (Parker BioTron System)

Paint Booths, Applications, and Ovens - Parker Engineering America - pbt-system-diagramInstantly Decompose Sludge Without Negatively Impacting the Environment

Leveraging the latest advances in biotechnology, this revolutionary system instantly biodegrades the sludge retained in the water scrubber. We use microbes to decompose the organic content in paint (resins) into water and carbon dioxide, leaving only the pigments to settle as sandy sludge.

Since no chemicals are used, this system is not only environmentally friendly and safe, but also reduces production costs by virtue of less water consumption due to a longer booth cleaning cycle, less sludge disposal, and less operational labor.

Learn More About PBT Systems

Dry-Off Ovens/Curing Ovens

In general, there are two types of ovens- dry-off ovens (for after pre-treatment) and curing ovens (for after painting). There are more varieties, depending on the material of the work, production throughput, layout restrictions, and so on.

Paint Booths, Applications, and Ovens - Parker Engineering America - dry-off-ovens


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