Pre-Treatment Equipment/E-Coat Equipment

The Best Finishes Start with Our Pre-Treatment and E-Coat Equipment

Depending on the requirements of the surface being treated, your pre-treatment process likely includes degreasing, rinsing, and phosphate processes; followed by an e-coat, which deposits the paint on the work. Together, these processes determine the final quality of the product.

Parker Engineering America’s comprehensive services start with an in-depth consultation that includes reviewing facility plans, site orientation and product characteristics, followed by comprehensive construction management, and on-going maintenance, supply, and service after installation.

Pre-Treatment Equipment

Parker Engineering America Provides the Next Generation of Conversion Coating

Our pre-treatment equipment for conversion coating starts with the comprehensive support of Nihon Parkerizing, the global leader in coatings and rust prevention.

PALLUCID (A Conversion Coating Chemical)

Pre-Treatment Equipment / E-Coat Equipment

Pre-Treatment and E-Coat Equipment - Parker Engineering America - general-pallucid-conversion

PALLUCID eliminates the need for surface conditioning with chemicals and water. This reduces the length of your production line and lowers your waste water treatment costs. Using PALLUCID drastically reduces the sludge generation to lower than 1/10, when compared to the conventional phosphating. A cleaner production means significantly less choking of nozzles and piping, as well as reduced operation costs and environmental burden. This new chemical does not contain phosphorus, nickel, and manganese; therefore, heavy metals have been reduced when compared to the traditional phosphating process. This environmentally friendly pre-treatment can be designed to meet most local effluent regulations.

Depending on the size of the work, we will propose either the dipping method or spraying method. However, if you prefer conventional phosphating for your line, we have the engineers, equipment, and chemicals to support those system too.

Pre-Treatment and E-Coat Equipment - Parker Engineering America - general-pallucid
E-Coat Equipment
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Achieving Sufficient Anti-Rust Performance While Fitting our Customers' Needs

In non-automotive industries, it was common to apply spray painting or powder coating without e-coat. However, in today’s market, there’s a huge demand for high performance, anti-rust finishes. Therefore, the industry and most of our customers choose the e-coat process.

As leaders in rust prevention within the automotive industry, we are uniquely positioned to provide you with the best insights and recommendations for paint line equipment that delivers high quality results while delivering efficiencies in paint consumption and operational costs.

Evaporating Unit (Ecoporator)

We offer a waste water evaporating process with simple operation. Our wastewater evaporating unit utilizes the recovered heat from an incinerator. Unlike the conventional cohesion and sedimentation process, there is no effluent of waste water through the evaporation condensation with a simple mechanism. The operation is fully automated, with a touch screen HMI. The management is simple, and the maintenance and process data collection are not time consuming.

Pre-Treatment and E-Coat Equipment - Parker Engineering America - general-evaporating-unit


Type CapacityL/hr Widthm Heightm Depthm
500 500 3.6 6.0 1.4
1000 1000 3.8 6.0 1.8

Pre-Treatment and E-Coat Equipment - Parker Engineering America - general-evaporating-unit-diagram


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