Standard Products

Wet Booth, Dry Booths, and Other Standard Equipment

Parker Engineering America is a company that deeply understands the painting operation environment; manufacturing and selling standardized wet booths and dry booths for more than 60 years. Our booths consist of standardized panels and fans, delivery can be made on a timely basis, the installation is easy, and the cost is reasonable.

We can modify our booths as needed, including the addition of our "Toreruzo", an original phosphate and paint sludge centrifugal separator, as well as other modifications.

Of course, for increased productivity and optimal working conditions, we recommend using Parker Engineering filters and supplies with our equipment.

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  Wet Booths

The Parker Scrubber Booth is a standardized wet booth which uses scrubbers to collect mists,  offering an efficiency of more than 99% (experimental value).

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Dry Booths

The Parker Paint Arrestor Booth is a dry booth providing effective filtering and retention by directly trapping the paint mist. We can supply various types of booths to meet your needs.

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  Filters and Supplies for Wet Booths

We have various types of filters for exhaust and inlet air, and supplies for wet booths such as aggregation agents and our exclusive PBT System.

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The “Toreruzo” is a vertical centrifugal separator for phosphate and paint sludge, which requires no consumable filters and reduces the running cost through its reduced power draw.

PBT (Parker BioTron) System

The PBT (Parker Biotron) System is an innovative paint sludge processing system using microbes to instantly decompose paint sludge.

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