PBT (Parker Biotron) Systems

Introducing the PBT, a BioTechnological Paint Sludge Processing System

Parker Engineering has been dedicating our efforts to actualize both the environmental conservation and improvement of productivity. One of the results is our innovative paint sludge processing system, the Parker Biotron (PBT) System.

How the PBT System Works

A biotechnological paint sludge recovery system enables us to decompose the sludge by using harmless microbes instead of using chemicals known as 'aggregating' agents. The organic materials (resin components) contained within the paint will be decomposed into CO2 and water, causing the pigment to settle at the bottom in a sandy condition.

Positive Effects for the Environment, and Your Bottom Line

Cost Reduction

  • Reduced cost of sludge disposal
  • Reduced water consumption due to the booth cleaning term extension

Labor Reduction

  • Reduced Labor in removing the paint adhered to the tank or the static pressure room
  • Mechanization of sludge recovery by using a centrifugal separator

Odor Reduction

  • Drastic odor reduction of solvent in the circulation water and reduction of the foul smell of the water
  • Ability to use the circulation water in the booth longer due to the slowdown of water rot

Types of PBT Systems

PBT Systems - Parker Engineering America - PBT_system_08Small Size: Easily installed by placing the reactor unit into a circulation tank of your paint booth and aerating.

PBT Systems - Parker Engineering America - PBT_system_09Medium Size: This system is equipped with an aeration system, centrifugal separator, etc. By using this system, you can expect the remarkable power of microbes for sludge recovery.

PBT Systems - Parker Engineering America - PBT_system_10Large Size: This system is used for a large volume of water. It can deal with 100 to 200 tons of water.

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